Hello From Nevada!

Day One:
Flight to Las Vegas
Happily waiting for the rental car :-)

Day Two:
Red Rock Canyon
Heather with her sweet girls :-)
It is so hot here!!

It is amazing to be able to see God's creation out here in the West

The mountains are so beautiful!
Day Three:
Valley of Fire
Fiona at Valley of Fire

After walking for a little bit we decided to turn around and go back
to the air-conditioning (the car). It is just so hot out here... it was the middle of the day and the 
temperature was around 105 to 110 (with no shade) and holding a little one makes you hot
and tired as well :-)
Happy Kenzie

Make sure you squint :-)

Doesn't this look like a cool cave house?

The windy road

Which way do I look?! Behind me? or In front of me?
The Valley of Fire was a majestic place to see!



  1. I love the photos, Rachel! How fun to see how your trip out west is going :)

  2. It looks like you all are having a great time together! Thanks for sharing the photos :-) I miss you! :-)

  3. za fotos r beautimous! hope u gurlz r havin fun ;)

  4. I kept on thinking of you when we were in the desert :-)
    I hope you and Cal have a wonderful time together! And make sure you all take lots of pictures!

  5. The Valley of Fire looks like it is rightly named! Do you know what the temp. was?! It sure looks hot! I used to live in AZ (and been there many times on vacation because our relatives live there) and know what it's like to be hot, hot, hot!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    1. Hi Bethany,
      I think the temperature was usually around 100 degrees to 115 degrees though I think it might have gone up to 120 degrees. The first two days it was really hot. Our flip flops got black on the bottom because the black top was melting (I guess). We did not spend that much time outside... My Aunt says when it is that hot in the summer they stay indoors just like we do in the North when it is really cold in the winter :-)
      Now I know what it feels like to be in that hot of temperatures :-)